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Health Insurance

I work with and specialize in helping those who are Self-Employed, employees of Small-Businesses, and others who are Not Offered Health Insurance through work. All my services to you are free!

Real Quotes from 2023

Quotes are specific to individuals and their circumstances including income, age(s), household size, and location.  Contact Jake for free quotes today. Text/Call Jake: 801-660-0227

Affordable Care Act

In 2010 the US government enacted the Affordable Care Act to provide better quality and more access to health coverage for the American people. Eligible citizens may qualify for a subsidy based on their household size, income and location. I'm contracted with all the major insurance companies in Utah (Select Health, U of U, Cigna, Molina) and work with to help people find affordable plans. If you are not offered Health Insurance through work, you may qualify for a subsidy!


To give you low premium, low medical cost quotes, all I need is your: yearly income, birthdates, and a zip code. Text/Call me today!

Jacob: 801-660-0227

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